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Menu served from 

Mon - Tue 7:00 - 2:00 | Wed - Fri 7:00 - 2:30 


Eggs your way 12.50

Two free-range eggs your way, truss tomatoes on organic sourdough

Add rasher bacon 3


3 Mushroom Omelette (Vegetarian) 17.50

Folded eggs, button, swiss brown and field mushrooms with shaved parmesan and truffle oil served with sourdough


Crushed Avocado (VEG, VGO ) 12.50

On multigrain sourdough with Danish Feta, lemon wedge, pink radish and crushed toasted seeds

Add poached eggs 4


Hash Benny 17

2 poached eggs, rasher bacon OR crushed avocado on two potato and herb hash with housemade hollandaise


Acai Bowl 13.50

Organic Acai mix topped with seasonal fruit, granola clusters & toasted coconut


Nourish Bowl (VEG, VGO) 17

Broccolini, baby spinach, Moroccan couscous, pickled cauliflower, crushed avocado, brown rice and poached egg

Add buttermilk fried chicken - 4


Big ED  21

Two free-range poached eggs, old English pork sausage, rasher bacon, field mushroom, wilted spinach, potato and herb hash, truss tomato, organic sourdough


French Toast 16.50

Milk bun french toast with rasher bacon, ice cream, maple syrup, toasted slithered almonds


Chocolate Pancakes (VEG) 13.5

With chocolate shards, fresh strawberries, nutella and candied butter


Haloumi Stack 18.50

Grilled halloumi, rasher bacon, crushed avocado, tomato relish, and a poached egg on garlic and parmesan sourdough


Granola Bowl (VEG) 15.50

Cluster Granola with housemade raspberry yoghurt, fresh seasonal fruit and honey


Roast Beet Salad (VEG, VGO) 15

Purple and gold beets, quinoa, spinach, feta and walnuts with a citrus dressing

Add buttermilk fried chicken - 4


Chicken Burger 17

Buttermilk Crumbed Chicken, sliced avocado, lemon-lime zest aioli, mixed greens with shoestring fries

Add bacon - 3


Pulled Pork Burrito 16.50

With guacamole, brown rice, 3 bean mix, cheddar cheese and chimichurri sauce



Change your toast to gluten-free multigrain 1

Hollandaise / Tomato relish / One free-range egg 2

Truss tomato / Wilted spinach / Organic sourdough slice / Rasher bacon 3

Two free-range eggs / Potato herb hash / Avocado  / Buttermilk fried chicken 4

Shoestring fries / Halloumi / English pork sausage 5


GF - Gluten free / VEG - Vegetarian / VGN - Vegan / VGO - Vegan Option Available






Bakery items $4.5pp

  • Muffins (assorted)

  • Croissants (assorted)

  • Banana bread (individual serves)


Individual Breakfast tubs $11pp

  • Bircher Muesli w banana, goji berries, toasted almonds, vanilla bean yogurt , blueberry compote

  • Coffee and chia pudding w toasted hazelnuts, fresh strawberries, yogurt, cinnamon


Fruit plate w yogurt

Small (feeds 6-8) $20

Large (feeds 12-14) $35




Sandwiches $8pp

  • ham,lettuce,tomato

  • bacon, egg, rocket

  • Curried egg & lettuce


Paninis/baguettes $10pp

Wraps $11pp

  • pastrami, spinach, cheddar, romesco

  • Chicken, rocket, camembert, aioli

  • Smoked salmon, avocado, beetroot labneh, rocket

  • Chorizo, avocado, tomato relish, spinach, pumpkin



Small (feeds 6-8) $30 - add chicken $40

Large (feeds 12-14) $55 add chicken $70

  • Broccoli salad w carrots, reed cabbage, sunflower seeds, cranberries, currants &a parsley

  • Kumara salad w spinach, garlic, smoked paprika, black sesame, rosemary, peas, extra virgin olive oil

  • Quinoa salad w trio coloured quinoa, broccoli, red cabbage, carrots, parsley, currants

  • Chickpea salad w roasted red peppers, spinach, peas, parsley, smoked paprika, extra virgin olive oil

  • Smoked tomato salad w smoked cherry tomatoes, fennel, rocket, almonds, doll, parsley, turmeric basmati rice

  • Yellow cauliflower salad w currants, dill, cranberries, toasted almonds, smokey tahini yogurt dressing




Sweets $6pp

  • carrot cake

  • Chocolate hazelnut cake

  • Macadamia brownie

  • Raspberry & coconut loaf


Raw sweets (gluten, dairy & refined sugar free) $8pp

  • Fig & lemon cake

  • Chocolate fudge & pecan cake


Cheese platter

Small (feeds 6-8) $30

Large (feeds 12-14) $55

  • 3 cheeses, breads, dried fruits, crackers


Antipasto platter

Small (feeds 6-8) $45

Large (feeds 12-14) $70

  • 3 cheeses, breads, dried fruit, crackers, cured meats, olives, pickled vegetables


  • Minimum 2 working days notice required for catering.

  • Cutlery included.  Plates can be organized and priced accordingly if required.

  • Prices include goods and delivery only - not service to guests. This can also be organized and priced accordingly if required.


Please email all orders to Arron at



Hot drinks

Espresso (Flat white, Latte, Cappuccino) 

Hot choc / Chai latte / Turmeric latte

Piccolo 3.0  | Cup / glass - 4.0 | Mug - 5.0


Extras 0.5

Caramel, vanilla, hazelnut, decaf, extra shot, Bonsoy, lactose-free, almond, mocha


Tea 4.0

English breakfast, earl grey, peppermint, jasmine-green, chamomile

Extra tea bag 1.0




Cold drip coffee 4.5

Single-origin cold drip coffee (check for availability)


Cold Press coffee 5.0

House blend cold press coffee with milk or black


Remedy organic kombucha 5.0

Ginger berry / Raspberry lemonade / Cherry plum Ginger lemon

Impressed cold-pressed juice 5.0

Cucumber, apple, spinach, pineapple, kale, mint

Pineapple, passionfruit, orange, coconut water

Strawberry, apple, lemon, mint

Carrot, apple, ginger, turmeric


Iced drinks

Iced latte 4.5 / Iced coffee 5.5 (ice-cream)

Iced Chai 4.5 add ice-cream 1.0

Iced Mocha 5.0 add ice-cream 1.0

House-made Smoothies 9.0

Acai - Organic acai, strawberries, banana, coconut water

Green - Apple, spinach, cucumber, banana, pineapple, mint, honey, coconut water

Mango - Mango, banana, vanilla bean yoghurt, goji berries, honey, milk


Softdrinks 4.0

Coca Cola / Coke No Sugar

Sparkling water

Lemon, lime, orange sparkling mineral water

Springwater 3.5

With every bottle of spring water sold, we donate 25c to Mater’s Little Miracles charity